Reverse Lens Mount Macro Photography

Lichen © James Troi

A member has asked about reverse mount macro photography so I found a couple of videos which explain the process.

The best case is using a lens with a manual aperture ring so you can modify the ƒ-stop while using, though there are ways to use automatic lenses too.

  • Use Any Lens for Macro Photography
    Shows a method of setting the aperture before using it in reverse.
  • How to Shoot Ultra-Sharp Macro Photography for Cheap: Reverse Vintage Lens
    Uses reverse mount and extension tubes for macro and focus stacking to get more focus throughout the shot.
  • Macro Reversing Ring
    Checkout the alternative method here at the start of the video, certainly not recommended for mirrorless cameras. And not recommended for any cameras where dust might be an issue. And also note a lot of lenses no longer have the little aperture lever, you may have to refer to the first video to see how to set your aperture before removing the lens.
  • An Introduction to High-Magnification Macro Photography
    A more holistic approach, the intro reminded me of Dale's thoughts from last night. Has some very cool examples.

Note… Try this at your own risk. Most lenses are not dual-end weather sealed and you'll be exposing the rear of your lens which is usually safe inside you camera to the elements so be wary of high-wind dusty days or moist environments. The heavier the lens the more care should be taken. You're going to be mounting your lens via a small adaptor ring using the filter threads, these aren't typically designed to have a lot of weight bearing ability, so always support your lens and camera body.

You can get reverse mounting rings from Amazon ( and Ebay (

You can also get the extension tubes from Amazon ( or Ebay ( Be sure to get the ones that are right for your camera type, and with the reverse mounting ring make sure it also matches the thread sizes for your lens' filter size. You might also invest in some stepping rings if you'd like to use it on different lenses with different filter sizes: Amazon ( or Ebay (


Presentation: Paper Bag Challenge

The Paper Bag Challenge is a quick-paced adventure right there in the clubrooms as we are split into teams and given a mystery item to photography. It is always fun to see what the members come up with once presented with the unexpected item. Members who Zoom in will also be able to participate.

In the past we've had Fruit, Pasta, Pegs, Potatoes, Forks... what will it be this year?

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