Committee Position Descriptions

Committe Positions


  1. This document is to be read in conjunction with the Club Constitution, Section 4, Duties of Office Bearers. This Section sets out the current Committee Position structure, as approved by Club Members.
  2. The following roles and responsibilities of the Committee are subject to ongoing amendment in order to meet with changing Club requirements. All changes in duties will be made in consultation with the affected Committee Position holder. Members will be advised of structural changes to the Committee and, where deemed to be appropriate, these shall result in a formal amendment to the Constitution.


Duties include:

  • Support all Committee Members
    • Liaise with Committee Members on matters relating to their portfolios and offer support as required. Facilitate the smooth operation of the Club to ensure the Club objectives are met;
    • Monitor the changing needs of the Club and its performance, and make recommendations to ensure that its ongoing needs are met;
    • Coordinate and plan direction and strategies for the long term "health" of the Club. Facilitate actions regarding both short and long term Club issues.
  • Club Representative
    • Represent the Club at VAPS and at other camera / photographic societies;
    • Liaise with third parties to promote or represent the best interests of the Club (eg local Council, sponsors, etc as required);
  • Club (General) Meetings
    • Open / close meetings. Introduce guests (presenters, judges, visitors);
    • Communicate upcoming activities or special events. Ensure that all relevant information is passed on to Members;
    • Handover the Meeting to the guest speaker, Competition Steward or workshop coordinator (as applicable);
    • Promote a harmonious and enjoyable Club environment.
  • Committee Meetings
    • Chair all Committee Meetings;
    • Ensure all Committee Members are familiar with the requirements of their portfolio. Consult with Committee and delegate "special tasks" as required;
    • Review Club performance and Member feedback from recent events. Follow up suggestions for improvement on a "best for Club" basis;
    • Monitor and follow up on all agreed actions arising from previous Meetings;
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    • Chair the AGM and ensure the smooth transition from the current Committee to the new Committee;
    • Prepare a President's Annual Report. Ensure the Club Annual Report is distributed to all Members at the AGM;
    • Manage succession planning by targetting appropriately skilled and competent Members to participate on Committee.
  • Special Meetings:
    • Initiate and Chair special meetings as required in order to manage non-standard Club events that may require Committee and / or Member input.
  • Be a signatory to all Club bank accounts.

Vice President

Duties include:

  • Deputise for the President
    • Carry out the duties of the President as required;
      (this situation may typically arise as a result of the unavailability of the President due to work commitments, holidays, illness or personal reasons).
  • Club Support
    • Initiate / make recommendations / assist with the coordination of events in support of the syllabus (eg photoshoots, judging, workshops, fundraising, technical knowledge, training, etc) or the general growth and well being of the Club.
  • Club Representative
    • Represent the Club at VAPS and other camera / photographic societies; liaise with third parties to promote or represent the best interests of the Club (eg local Council, sponsors, etc as required);
  • Club Meetings
    • Provide Members with ongoing guidance and support on matters related to the Club structure and events. This may include information related to technical / photographic related matters, workshop activities, competition rules, etc. Where applicable, refer new Members to more experienced Members for direct support;
    • Welcome / assist new Members into the Club;
    • Maintain an ongoing awareness of the Clubs performance and monitor how well Member expectations are met.
  • Committee Meetings
    • Attend Meetings and follow up actions as agreed;
    • Target fellow Members with specialist skills - or other external sources and make recommendions that will create added value within Club activities (photoshoots, workshops, training, support, etc);
    • Prepare an Annual Report.
  • Club Records
    • Maintain a Member Register (names and contact details of current, past and Life Members).
  • Be a signatory to all Club bank accounts (as required during absence of the President)


Duties include:

  • Club Syllabus
    • Coordinate the annual Member Feedback Survey (approx October);
    • Draft the syllabus for the upcoming year. Source / contact potential guest speakers. Include suggestions received from members. Distribute the draft syllabus at the end of year Awards Night;
    • Issue the final syllabus to all Members when available.
  • Club Representative
    • Be the official Club "postal address" for incoming communications (voice, paper, digital);
    • Be the first "point of contact" on behalf of the Club when communicating with various guest speakers / presenters, other Club Secretaries or stakeholders (eg Hobsons Bay City Council) as applicable to the Club syllabus.
  • Club Records
    • Ensure a Member Register is maintained (names and contact details of current, past and Life Members);
    • Ensure minutes of meetings (Committee, AGM and Special) are maintained;
    • Ensure correspondence (in and out) that is of relevance to the Club is maintained (including historical info, contacts / suppliers, insurance, etc);
    • Maintain records of Incorporation, including the Club Constitution (and any amendments).
  • Club Meetings
    • Ensure guest speakers have been contacted and are familiar with arrangements;
    • Ensure Members are informed of any key news items, Club activities and upcoming events;
    • Provide support on the night as applicable.
  • Committee Meetings
    • Set meeting dates. Attend meetings and follow up actions as agreed;
    • Report on correspondence (in and out) and other items of interest that impact upon the Club;
    • Ensure minutes of all meetings are prepared.
  • Annual General Meetings
    • Notify all Members of the upcoming AGM and provide Nomination Forms;
    • Prepare an Annual Report. Coordinate / collate all incoming reports from other Committee Members for distribution at the AGM.
  • Be a signatory to all Club bank accounts (as required)
  • Public Officer
    • carry out the duties of Public Officer;
    • liaise with the Corporate Affairs Commission, as required.


Duties include:

  • Annual Budget
    • Prepare an annual budget setting out the Clubs projected income and expenditure. Take into consideration the previous years cash flow plus the upcoming schedule of events;
    • Where possible, break down by portfolio;
    • Monitor the actual cashflow against the budget and report any significant variances at Committee Meetings.
  • Financial Records
    • Maintain a record of all transactions (income and expenditure);
    • Carry out banking duties as required;
    • Maintain bank account details and reconcile against Club accounts;
    • Prepare an annual Financial Report;
    • Arrange for the Financial Report to be audited prior to the AGM.
  • Club Meetings
    • Collect Membership Fees. Issue receipts accordingly;
    • Purchase door prizes and sell raffle tickets;
    • Prepare cheques for visiting guests (Judges or Presenters) on the night. Ensure two authorised signatures are on all cheques;
    • Work closely with the Communications Team to provide mutual assistance at the reception desk during times of peak work load at Club Meetings.
  • Committee Meetings
    • Attend Committee Meetings and follow up actions as agreed;
    • Report on finance related matters or any issues of concern. Seek assistance as required;
    • Follow up any finance related correspondence (eg VAPS, insurance, room rental, etc) and ensure that all invoices are paid;
    • Make recommendations regarding fundraising activities as applicable.
  • Membership Fees
    • Review Membership Fees annually and make recommendations regarding changes to the fee structure.
  • Be a signatory to all Club bank accounts.
    • Ensure a minimum of three Committee Members are authorised to sign Club cheques.

Competition Steward

Duties include:

  • Competition Rules
    • Ensure the Club Competition Rules are current for images submitted in either print or digital (EDI - Electronic Digital Images) format;
    • Ensure the Club Rules are aligned with the VAPS competition rules and that they also meet with changing Club requirements;
    • Assist Members to understand the rules, especially when changes are made;
    • Issue all Members with a Competition Number and maintain a register of these numbers.
  • Competition Entries
    • Coordinate Judges prior to each competition. VAPS maintains a list of the names of current Judges and their contact details;
    • Collect all print entries one meeting prior to judging;
    • Collect all EDI entries received from Members via the Club website;
    • Validate all entries on receipt to ensure they comply with the Competition Rules;
    • Prepare a register for each category (Open / Set Subject) and format (print / EDI);
    • Submit the images - together with the registers - to the Judge, within agreed timeframes. Ensure the Judge is familiar with the Club venue, dates, times, and informed of available facilities.
  • Club Meetings
    • Introduce / thank the guest judges. Ensure they are paid at the end of the night;
    • Assist the Judge with setup and / or display of images;
    • Issue place getters with certificates (1st, 2nd, 3rd and "Highly Commended") on the night if a Judge has provided results prior to the competition meeting. Otherwise, issue certificates at the the next meeting;
    • If available, obtain a copy of the Judges comments and scores. Distribute to interested Members;
    • Maintain a record of all entries and results ready for the Annual Awards;
    • Keep Members informed of external competitions – inter-club, VAPS, AIPP;
    • Obtain a digital copy of place getting entries (both print and EDI submissions) in order to build up a Club library ready for future selections in inter-club competitions, calendars, etc.
  • Committee Meetings:
    • Attend Committee Meetings and follow up actions as agreed;
    • Report on issues of concern or upcoming events. Seek assistance as required.
    • Prepare an Annual Report.
  • Annual Awards
    • Organise trophies for winners of Images of the Year (see Competition Rules).


Duties include:

  • Website
    • Customise the structure of the website to ensure it meets with both Club and Member requirements;
    • Be the "point of contact" or receipt of news articles and relevant items of interest to Members. Review, edit, post information as applicable;
    • Upload photo competition results as received from the Competition Steward;
    • Set up galleries to enable Members to display their images;
    • Maintain specific Club information as current (Club / Member contact details, syllabus, fee structure, competition rules, Constitution, etc). These items will require periodic updates to meet with changing Club needs;
    • Manage appropriate levels of security to protect the privacy of the Club and all Members.
  • Technical Support
    • Maintain Club e-mail addresses (eg Committee, Competition, Webmaster);
    • Provide specialist input into the purchase of new technical equipment / assets (eg laptop, digital projector, off camera flashes, special lighting, software, etc) plus guidance as to how to operate them.
  • Club Meetings
    • Solicit articles from Members where required;
    • Pass on key information to Members;
    • Provide support on the night as applicable.
  • Committee Meetings
    • Attend Committee Meetings and follow up actions as agreed;
    • Report on issues of concern or upcoming events. Seek assistance as required.
    • Prepare an Annual Report.

Communications/Property Steward

Duties include:

  • Reception / Front of House
    (This role is specific to the peak pre-meeting rush (say 7.30-7.45pm).   Duties will be varied and be in response to the needs at the time.)
    • Welcome and assist new Members into the Club. Manage queries and obtain Registration Details from new Members.
    • Forward this information to both the Competition Steward for assignment of Competition Numbers and also to the Secretary / Vice President for updating of the Club Membership Register;
    • Act as "Club Hosts" by targetting / introducing yourself to prospective members to ensure they feel welcome. Arrange introductions and utilise the "buddy system" to look after them (where appropriate);
    • Be the "point of contact" for guest speakers and judges. Introduce them to the appropriate persons;
    • Distribute brochures, literature or other handouts, as applicable;
    • Work closely with other Committee Members during this peak period and provide assistance as applicable.
  • Club Meetings
    • Welcome prospective and new Members, plus guest speakers into the Club;
    • Manage the nightly distribution of name tags. Organise name tags for new Members;
    • Manage the Attendance Book (including a record of visitors);
    • Distribute / collect paperwork (Registration Forms or handouts);
    • Work closely with the Treasurer to provide mutual assistance during times of peak work load;
  • Committee Meetings
    • Attend Committee Meetings and follow up actions as agreed;
    • Report on issues of concern or upcoming events. Seek assistance as required.
    • Prepare an Annual Report.
  • Property Steward
    • Maintain the register of equipment owned by the club, document the lending of same;
    • Ensure the equipment is in good working order;
    • Assist members in borrowing of equipment.


Duties include:

  • Committee Meetings
    • Attending Committee Meetings and follow up actions as agreed;
    • Support other Committee members as required;
    • Provide feedback and input into ongoing events.


Workshop: Flash Theory and Practical - Not Studio Flash

We're going to be working with standard flash units. On and off the camera. We'll look at the pros and cons of the many different ways to use your flash in photography for portraiture work and for lighting macro photos.

We will also following this up with a practical day on the weekend to practise using our flash outdoors.

Entries due for competition 4: "Red" and Open

Walker Close Community Centre
25th June 2024 7:30 pm
Presentation: Negative Space in Photography & Landscapes Part 2

James will join us via Zoom and take us through the concept of Negative space in photography can how it can be used to create an emotional response to your images or to focus on a singular subject.

Following this we will have part 2 of the landscape presentation by Neil and Ian Street.

Walker Close Community Centre
9th July 2024 7:30 pm

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