Wilson's Promontory Weekend Away

Wilsons Promontory 2023 © Matt Peart

Our second planned weekend away for 2023 was to Wilson's Promontory, where 18 Members and families endured unfavourable weather conditions.  Our vice-president Karen Malbon had scheduled some great events for the weekend but unfortunately some of them either failed or had to be abandoned.  This event was planned prior to The Covid-19 Pandemic and the numerous lockdowns but we finally got it on the calendar.

Due to the limited accommodation options, attendees were scattered around the Prom but we managed to meet up for the events and, in between showers of rain, managed to venture out to some amazing locations. I personally found that my photos were better in the cloudy overcast conditions but appreciated when the sun made an appearance. Cas even got dumped by a rogue wave - but the camera survived.

We managed to have dinner at the Wilsons Prom Pizza restaurant in Yanakie on Saturday night - it only reopened on Thursday night from a holiday break.  It was good to see everyone together as there were quite a few times where we didn't meet up - doing our own thing, catching up with each other's adventures and misadventures.

The weekend was finished off with lunch at the Fish Creek Hotel on Sunday before most of us headed back to Melbourne.

Member Matt reported: 

The weather was a bit fickle, but we had opportunities in between. The sun even came out on Saturday afternoon.

Deb and I, enjoy the weekends away and the social aspect of the weekends are also enjoyable.

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