Competition 5 - Sport and Open

Competition results for our fifth competition of 2023 - Sport and Open. Our judge was Brian Basham. As we no longer advise scores we will only be presenting the award winners. We do still receive scores from the judge so if you would like your score please contact Tania, our competition steward via and she will let you know.

For the purposes of this competition the set subject of "Sport" was defined as:

A picture featuring a person or people participating in some form of sporting event.

A Grade Set Subject - Sport

Place Title Maker
1st Nippers Monique Whear
2nd The Grimace Robyn Singleton
3rd Shorts-try Neil Anderson
HC Jumper Karl Zeller
HC Street Football Karen Malbon

B Grade Set Subject - Sport

Place Title Maker
1st Running Bases Tania Chalmers
2nd Shooting for a Goal Alan Coram
3rd Mountain Bike Racing Darryl Martin
HC Winter Race Cas Bukor
HC Parisian Sport Fran├žoise Muller-Robbie
HC Well Timed Handball Ian Gofton
HC Winner Wendy Rowe

A Grade Open

Place Title Maker
1st Licking Lips Jackal Wade Buchan
2nd Neon Beauty Robyn Singleton
3rd Waiting Karl Zeller
HC The Long Trousers Kathryn Hocking
HC La Seta Monique Whear

B Grade Open

Place Title Maker
1st All In a Row Cas Bukor
2nd Economy Class Joseph Meilak
3rd Dragonfly in Flight Ian Gofton
HC Green Canyon Waterfall Allan Williams
HC Mitta Valley Darryl Martin
HC Live Music - Can't Beat It Wendy Rowe
HC Under Altona Pier Tracey Noonan
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Photo Shoot: Our Backyard - Seaholme to Altona

Join us as we complete the journey started in 2023 by visiting sites around the bay from Seaholme to Altona.

Bring along your camera gear including tripod to capture our backyard. We will start this day off with a look at the camera basics we discussed at our first meeting, before we make our way around the bay ending at Altona Pier.

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Seaholme Jetty
2nd March 2024 9:00 am
Judging: Judging: Monochrome & Open

Join us for the judging of our first competition: Monochrome & Open categories in A and B grades

Walker Close Community Centre
12th March 2024 7:30 pm

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