Mt Macedon Fungi Hunt 2022

Fungi © Neil Anderson

Driving along the Calder Freeway toward Mt Macedon there were some sunny breaks with intermittent cloud.

Getting closer to Mt Macedon, a cloud was positioned at the top of Mt Macedon. At Mt Macedon it was quite foggy; very atmospheric conditions. 

2021 outing for fungi hunting found plenty of fungi and a range of different fungi, especially a very small blue fungi, at Days Picnic Ground. However, on 26 June there were not a lot of different fungi and numbers were limited. 

The foggy conditions and some light rain provided a sheen to fungi and the muted soft lighting was really good for fungi photos, and enhanced the colours of bark and ferns. There were a few Kookaburras, and one that was soaking wet sat on a low branch allowing photos to be taken from less that 2 metres away. Quite a number of photos of this Kookaburra was taken with macro lens (very good lens for portraits). 

Trees in the fog always look worthy of taking some photos, and “creative” photos by using a slow shutter speed and moving the camera vertically looked OK. It was apparent that peak numbers of different fungi were present a few weeks before our visit. Maybe next year, our fungi hunt to Mt Macedon (if we have one at Mt Macedon) could be held a few weeks earlier.

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Presentation: Paper Bag Challenge

The Paper Bag Challenge is a quick-paced adventure right there in the clubrooms as we are split into teams and given a mystery item to photography. It is always fun to see what the members come up with once presented with the unexpected item. Members who Zoom in will also be able to participate.

In the past we've had Fruit, Pasta, Pegs, Potatoes, Forks... what will it be this year?

Walker Close Community Centre
23rd August 2022 7:30 pm
Weekend Away: Benalla Weekend Away

Itinerary TBC

2nd September 2022 11:00 am

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